June 7, 2023

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Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals in tweets!

Eurovision Song Contest semi-finals in tweets!

It’s time again for the most hysterical time of the year! The Eurovision Song Contest is in full swing and tonight was the semi-final of this wonderful feast of singing. We’ve rounded up the most important Twitter features for you!

1. Here we go!

2. TuuTuTutuuuuuuuuututuuuuu…

3. The opening action is amazing.

4. They are right.

5. Switch briefly.

6. Introduce yourself. Presenters!

7. Albania kicks off!

8. Beautiful.

9. Completely loose.

10. Latvia is next.

11. Nice dance you guys.

12. Not quite.

13. Just like Teletubbies.

14. To Lithuania!

15. Are barbershops still closed there?

16. So beautiful.

17. Take a break with a song from Switzerland.

18. Tear puller Yes.

19. We know it again.

20. Nice special effects.

21. Slovenia had a big ball. Without Miley.

22. The last slice of pizza.

23. He is a serious singer.

24. Fortunately, he is racy.

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