March 21, 2023

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‘European lawmakers on the verge of ordering USB-C for smartphones’ – IT Pro – News

No innovation has ever come from political interference or political leadership, and never will.

Nonsense, or did these power standards come about because of Apple/Samsung/etc. Was the environment considered important and not because politicians thought it was time to force manufacturers to make more energy efficient devices?
Same with safety as fuse boxes/circuit breakers and earth leakage switches, isn’t that due to NEN standards?
What about fire safety? (No longer) use of lead in fuels and electronics (RoHS)?

Just look at the stalemate in communist countries

*look at Russia* Yeah, it’s going great † As for the handful of electronics that Russia makes, they are not a direct clone of Western chips… The only thing that works better here is China and this is a textbook example of a government that regulates everything…

So Apple has a point there.

apparently no †

Elon Musk says the same.

Ah yes, an authority when it comes to facts † How strange that Elon Musk, that guy from Tesla (with all his custom anti-innovation connectors and standards) would shout that his company should be able to continue selling their incompatible products… “We at WC duck recommend WC duck.” ..

Government regulation makes innovation more difficult or nearly impossible.

This is clearly not the case. government regulation Can Making innovation more difficult, usually because you’re no longer allowed to just dump lead in gasoline or dump very harmful R22 into air conditioning, so that companies have to invest more money in their innovations to create safe products rather than randomly demolish the environment for profit…

No good whatsoever has come of government interference in this sort of thing.

Well, if you want to start a fire in the house due to unsafe electricity, for example, then you are right here. Or if you want to get cancer and other diseases from your electronics or radioactive watch… If you ignore all the good innovations that government regulations have imposed, nothing will really happen. †

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If you ignore all the water, the ocean is a desert.
You’re probably too young to see all the ozone “hassles” of the 1990s, which is a great example of how corporations happily destroyed the world until governments put an end to it. then companies Forced to innovate by government regulation Better alternatives like nebulizers and air conditioners that work just as well (or sometimes better), don’t cost much more and are less harmful.

Although you may well ask yourself if there is still room for innovation in a cable or connector. I think in terms of speed, power delivery, and a similar USB C connection it could last at least 15 years.

You don’t have to wonder about that, you can just read this in both the documentation from the EU about this and from the companies involved (it’s interesting that USB-IF has some info about USB, for example †
USB4 is still coming to USB C (20Gb/s), so 15 years you’ll get to USB C pretty easily, maybe almost twice as much.
This means the industry has more than 20 years to develop a USB C successor, USB-IF has already been working on previous USB standards for over 26 years and will continue to do…

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