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Dbrand continues to sell PlayStation 5 side panels, but these are now variants with a different design than Sony itself. Dbrand believes that Sony will still sue the company, but states that Sony has no basis for this due to the new design.

New side panels by Debrande de Darkplates 2.0.0 Update It mentions that it has vents where the PlayStation 5 fan is located. According to Dbrand, this is useful for cooling the console. The appearance of the panels has also been modified; These are now the same size as the console itself and don’t stand out like the original Sony boards. There are different types of black, white and gray.

Dbrand will introduce the new panels shortly after the company’s announcement stop selling From his first version of the black side panels. They had the same design as the original Sony boards, but in a different color.

Sony has demanded Dbrand completely stop selling PlayStation 5 side panels, due to patent and trademark infringement. Dbrand writes on reddit She still believes Sony will sue the company, but says there is no basis for the infringement because the design has been changed. “If they want to try it, they better be prepared to pay our legal fees,” the company said.

Sony already sent that stop and stop-Brief to Dbrand. The company that sells modified boards also has the new version in development and on the shelf for some time. However, Dbrand wasn’t informed when she announced that she would be temporarily stopping selling dark side panels.

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