Esther Uehand on partisan conflict: “It would be very harmful”

Esther Uehand on partisan conflict: “It would be very harmful”

“I don’t think I can undo everything either,” she said this afternoon during a taping of KRO-NCRV’s College Tour TV show.

Shortly before this recording, the party council announced that he was resigning “because of the uproar” and that he would nominate Owehand again as party leader. Owehand said she has “mixed feelings” about the matter, as seen in the video below:

The party council decided on Saturday not to nominate Oyhande for party leadership. This news was completely unexpected, even for the MPs. This occurred after “signals” that allegedly indicated integrity violations.

The news caused a huge uproar within the party. Local and regional administrations rebelled against the government. Ouhand does not want to talk about a division within the party. She described it as a “very severe growth spurt”, but admits that she has become “very ugly”.

Conflict with management

Owehand said he has been fighting with the board for years. According to her, this struggle was about “further developing” the party. “That was the point.” This relates to issues such as democratization.

Owehand says he has never heard anything about integrity violations. She still does not know what the complaints entail, and is not aware of any such violations. She has hired an attorney after the board decided to no longer nominate her.

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