March 25, 2023

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Erica defends Maxim after she was criticized for her move, saying: "Leave her okay!"

Erica defends Maxim after she was criticized for her move, saying: “Leave her okay!”

“I already said about the new house: I will live there for a long time,” says Di Chateau MellandA star for Aran Bed. “Martin thinks so too, but of course we’ve said it before and after that it didn’t happen.”

One of the reasons they leave the house is that their current home is in a turbulent place and everyone can suddenly peek at it through the window. At such moments, Erica dives behind the windowsill and Martin dives behind the wall. “We didn’t realize it, but you still live on a dead end. Lots of people ‘just’ walking, really a lot. He’s just very anxious and when we go out we always check first if anyone is there.”

In the end, Maxim’s daughter finds her new home during a Funda scrolling game. That afternoon, Martien and Erica went to have a look, made an offer, and next January, the family would be leaving again. “But I don’t want to move around for a while,” says Erica.

Maxime also recently signed a new home, which is something that has attracted a lot of comments. Mother Erica finds it difficult to read. “This kid works so hard and does everything by himself and has a great web store and builds the site itself, then you can move on anyway. What are people involved in? (…) You still want another baby and maybe a baby, so they also want to buy a house on Growth. Let her have fun!”

Earlier, Aran spoke with Mariki Elsenga. specially for Aran on tour Marek got a lift from Aran to her gym. Along the way they told personal stories and at one point it was about Peter R. de Vries.

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