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Bitcoin koers consolideert, ethereum herstelt iets, shiba inu gaat weer als een raket en breekt ATH

While the current rally has subsided somewhat, it has been a special week in Cryptocurrency new market Its all-time high (ATH) for the two largest cryptocurrencies on the market: Bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). Prices have fallen somewhat since the new records, but market sentiment remains positive and many investors are confident that we may see new highs sometime in the coming weeks. Total new ATH market capitalization was around $2.76 trillion on Thursday, but fell to $2.65 trillion this morning.


Bitcoin (BTC) Last Wednesday, six months later, it finally broke ATH again, hitting a new all-time high around $67,275. This was accompanied by the launch of the first Bitcoin futures ETF in the US. that we have since swipe back The vision is not very surprising. However, there are still concerns about itBuy the rumor, sell the news“The effect goes. At the end of 2017, the ATH of bitcoin also coincided with the launch of the bitcoin futures contract on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME). Then bitcoin fell sharply:

Moreover Financing rates The futures market rose very quickly this week and continued to rise while the price was already falling. However, the market now looks different than it did in 2017 and in May this year. Compared to those highs, investors, including whales and miners, are still accumulating bitcoin this time around.

So the market looks positive because we will see new records again this year. Could Bitcoin hit $70K in the coming weeks or will we go back to the $56,000-$58K range first? Bitcoin dominance rose above 45% last week, but is now falling below 44% in the meantime Altcoins What do you add.


Ethereum (ETH) It also broke ATH a day after Bitcoin, reaching a peak of $4,360. However, ether has also fallen significantly, reaching $3950 yesterday. The price is now starting to recover. Ether touched a high of $4,200 last night and it looks like it is still above $4,100 at the moment, with the price being 4% in the positive today.

While much of the market is consolidating, there are still a number of outliers. EOS (EOS), near (NEAR), dash (DASH), and phantom (FTM) are 10% in plus, harmony (ONE), nexo (NEXO) and zcash (ZEC) are about 12% in positive and curve (CRV) ) up to 18%. Zcash and nexo are both up more than 50% this week.

Then we have the shiba inu (sheep) that’s going like a rocket again. SHIB stock is up 41% today and just placed a new ATH of $0.0003954. This is accompanied by a significant increase in size. The price is 54% in Plus this week and no less than 415% this month. Today’s Rise It might have something to do with this. The hardest rally in the market this week was OKB (OKB), which has an exchange symbol of at least 66% in the plus sign.

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