Ferrari and McLaren are preparing for an exciting fight in the United States

Ferrari and McLaren are preparing for an exciting fight in the United States

Ferrari could set its cars fourth and fifth in Texas on Sunday, ahead of Charles LeClerk Carlos Sine. Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris were slower than the Red Brigade, finishing sixth and seventh.

“I’m very happy with how the qualification went,” he said Leklerk In return “I would have been happy in fifth place because the fourth starting position has a little less grip here. But it was not an easy day. In the third practice I lost a little bit of confidence in the car. I was constantly losing behind.

With that he Science McLarens was in charge of the American circuit, and Leclerc thinks that was a nice bonus. “It’s very surprising. We expected McLaren to be strong this weekend. Anyway, we still have to be in the race.”

McLaren was not impressed

Look for one more door Ricciardo Success should not be accumulated too quickly. According to the Australian, the four pilots are close to each other. “We were fast on Friday, but after that I had no expectations because conditions could change in favor of Ferrari. We were not too far from each other on many tracks, so I always had them in mind. This time they were the tenth or second rapper in qualifying. On Sunday we went hunting and got the situation. We want to change that again. “

And fellow player Norris Did not wake up. “The result was no surprise. We knew we would be close to each other. Of course I would have liked to be in front of Ferraris. I was disappointed because we had the opportunity. But it was exciting. The gap was not as big as Turkey’s.”

McLaren team president Andreas Seattle is definitely looking at racing opportunities. Science should start with soft tires, for example, Seattle says Ferrari can offer an interesting tire strategy and opportunities for McLaren. “I think there’s a good race in it. Of course we will try to get one and two Ferraris.”

Both racetracks benefited from the grid sentence of Valteri Potas in the United States; The Mercedes driver was pushed from fourth to ninth starting position by his engine change. So Ferraris and McLarens should not forget to look closely in the rearview mirror and watch the fast Mercedes during the inevitable collision in the race.

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