Doom Eternal is getting Horde Mode in Update 6.66 on Tuesday – Games – News

Doom Eternal will receive the promised Horde mode with update 6.66 on October 26, until next Tuesday. This is the mode that replaces the Invasion mode, which has been cancelled. In addition, there will be Battlemode 2.0 and two new main levels.

In Horde Mode, players sit in arenas where they have to defeat increasingly difficult “waves” of enemies. Eventually, the waves will end and then players will look at the leaderboard score, which depends on multiple factors, such as speed. eternal torment game manager Hugo Martin also gave an extended view of the new situation in the Live broadcast. He describes it as “roguelike” in the sense that after experiencing the situation one can start over with a better knowledge of what is different waves to follow it.

Battlemode is a game mode in which one player takes on the role of a Doom Slayer and two other players control demons. This so-called multiplayer mode will get a major update on Tuesday, but about that Left Developer ID is not releasing anything at this time.

Doom Eternal was released in March of 2020 and has since received two DLCs: Ancient Gods: Part One and Part Two. The game is available for Windows, Google Stadia, Nintendo Switch, previous and current generation PlayStation and Xbox, including Next generation upgrades.

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