Ellemieke Vermolen’s car hit a falling tree while behind the wheel | show

Ellemieke Vermolen's car hit a falling tree while behind the wheel |  show

A video circulating online today shows a moving black car crashing into a big falling tree. Only a few centimeters passed before the tree fell on the front of the car.

Ellemieke Vermolen shares on Instagram Stories that it’s her car that can be seen in the video and that she was behind the wheel at the time. “Dear people, please be careful,” she writes with a violent image of the damage. “I just had a tree on my car. He was so lucky that he landed on my ass.” Vermeulen also said she was unharmed, but was still in shock. She is also very grateful to all the people who took care of her after the accident.

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Eunice has grown into a severe storm Which has caused a lot of damage and has already claimed three lives in the Netherlands. The deaths occurred in and around Amsterdam as a result of falling trees.

Police sent an NL alert to mobile phones around 5.10pm due to “extreme weather conditions in large parts of the Netherlands”. People are only being asked to call 112 in life-threatening situations because the emergency number is overburdened by so many storm reports.

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