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Not OK, an important part of the game is the experience. Yes, it is a difficult game, but it is not insurmountable. If you spend the time at all, you will notice that everyone is able to turn it on. A little practice, a little bite and suddenly a world opens up for you.

That you suddenly beat a very difficult boss you were working with one evening, you suddenly defeat the next morning because you let him sink in and understand the mechanics, gives you a great deal of satisfaction. You feel exhilarated when you finally get to beat a boss. This level of difficulty really makes your boss feel like a big badass that you have been able to beat through knowledge and skill. It feels good, and there are few or no games that give you that feeling except software games. If you take this item out of the games, there won’t be much game left. It’s a barrier that many people consider “too high.” But with a little persistence, anyone can see through.

Someone who dared to go through this and get past the difficulty would generally agree with me. There is also at once a form of mutual respect for one another;
“WTF, did you manage to beat such and such a boss? Respect the man!”
“And what do you think of the second stage of the battle, do you have a similar problem with ability A?”
“No, I don’t, but I put a lot of effort into Coach B to beat him.”

I have come across some games that can evoke these feelings. Something you will miss with Easy Mode. Something that takes the soul (no pun intended) out of a game of software.

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