The shooting of Season 3 The Witcher has begun, revealing the first hints of the plot – picture and sound – news

But if you take a look on the Internet, you will find that it is a large part of the criticism, because it does not stick to the story of the books and also because according to the viewers it is poorly told.

It’s mainly because in less than half a season they’ve managed to get away with so much from the books that from now on they end up with a completely different story, or take things from the following books and those things become completely nonsensical in the context of the series.

I’ll try to do it without spoilers, but one of the themes in season two is completely at odds with what happens in the books. The only reason is “drama”, because books have very little of it †

The difference is much greater, for example, GoT or LotR. The first has characters fused together, and slightly different relationships here and there (and of course the ages have been adjusted : s), with the latter many of the details omitted (and Tom Bombadil – and that nonsense with Arwen in Fellowship †† But with TW, there’s just something in the S2 that just can’t straighten out anymore. As if they were in Luther they decided that Boromir would survive.

Does this mean that no one should find it amusing at all? No definitely not. But for enthusiasts, this means that we must either stop watching, or go ahead and see the series as an alternate universe and stop comparing it to books. I’m not done with it yet, because the latter is exactly what I hate about Marvel stuff : s

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