Elaine Ten Dam after being diagnosed with cancer: So I’m going to die now

Elaine Ten Dam after being diagnosed with cancer: So I'm going to die now

In 2005 Elaine was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time and in 2017 the disease returned for the singer. If she was told earlier this year that cancer was detected again, the singer has to swallow. “I thought: So I’m going to die now. Three times is magic.” She also wonders at that moment how to share this news with her loved ones. “Damn, shit. How do I tell my mother.” Despite the shock, the singer believes it’s “not too bad after all.” “It’s small. (…) It was practical and that was it.” At the same time, you also know that things could have gone differently. If you get a message like this: ‘There’s nothing else we can do for you. “That’s an entirely different story.”

Now that the operation is complete and there is currently no cancer to be seen, the singer wants to put this event behind her “as soon as possible”. “It’s not fun, but if there’s a treatment plan, it’s ready. Then I get back to work right away. I don’t see the point of sitting and whining.” Eileen explains that she’s gotten stronger lately. “It actually makes me so positive and so happy, because you think: Well, you survived that pretty well.” Whether the cancer comes back I will see them again. For now, it will continue to be checked annually anyway.

The singer is now busy preparing for her latest show called baroque.

Eileen Ali B was accused of sexually infringing behavior earlier this year, but in jink I told her that there was never any intention to get out of this. You can see it in the video below.

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