Ed Sheeran upsets the neighbors with a special makeover

Ed Sheeran upsets the neighbors with a special makeover

The choice of his neighbors to build a church, including a crypt, raises eyebrows. They find the renovation plans strange and that the renovation also causes the necessary inconvenience. Because it appears the singer is in the process of building his own town, the people of Suffolk derisively give his property the name “Cheranville”.

The fact that Edd has a particular flair is evidenced by the fact that the church will take the shape of a boat. The tomb can be accessed through an opening in the floor of the chapel. Earlier, the singer indicated that he built the church specifically for the baptism of his two daughters. He seems to want to complete the circuit by adding a burial vault to the family.

His neighbors watch everything sadly. “It will be interesting to see what it looks like when it’s finished, but it’s going very, very slowly. Maybe because they’re using traditional building techniques so it looks like a historic church. We all see projects from it come out, a permanent building site. After a while I’m tired of it. On top of that, there’s There are more than enough churches in the area to meet the needs of the entire population.”

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