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Arnoud Wokke is perhaps the most famous of Tweakers’ editors. You can ask him this afternoon about everything in the comments here about his history at the best tech site in the Benelux, his inexhaustible knowledge of smartphones or the rise of artificial intelligence. Arnaud will be there for you between 3 and 4:30 p.m.

Arnoud has been at Tweakers since 2008. He used to be a mobile reviewer and now writes as a news editor about anything and everything, but phones still matter to him. In addition, Arnoud writes frequently about the rapid rise of artificial intelligence and chatbots, such as ChatGPT, Bing, and Bard. And of course Arnaud is one of the regular faces and voices on the Tweakers Podcast. You can also ask him about phones with or without a 3.5mm jack, if he pays for ChatGPT Plus and what it’s been like working at Tweakers for a long time. You can ask anything, whether you get an answer, you’ll notice!

Where, when and how?

About Arnold Walkie

Arnaud has been writing for Tweakers since 2008 and specializes in smartphones and communications. He also writes extensively on artificial intelligence and is the resident voice on podcasts.

Arnaud Bean today 15.00 and 16.30 the hour Ready to answer your questions. You can already put them in the comments below this article. If you want to read directly or ask follow-up questions, check for comments between the times listed or make sure you have your notifications turned on for replies to your comment (bell icon in the upper right > “Receive push notifications”).

Question and Answer? What’s up with that?

Tweakers started a Q&As with the editors earlier this year. We want to publish it more in the future. In February, we had such a session with component editor Thomas Hochstenbach. He spent over 2 hours answering all your questions about installing fans in desktop computers and overclocking CPUs. You can read here the best questions Thomas was asked.

In the future we want to organize more Q&As with the Tweakers editors. Tell us in the comments which editor you would like to highlight.

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