The Cabinet is considering more expensive fuel and a higher purchase tax for petrol-powered cars

The Cabinet is considering more expensive fuel and a higher purchase tax for petrol-powered cars

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  • Marilyn de Roy

    Political reporter

  • Marilyn de Roy

    Political reporter

Driving a petrol or diesel car is likely to become more affordable for individuals from next year. Climate and Energy Minister Çetin submitted to the Cabinet two tax increases in order to achieve climate goals. Sources from the coalition circles confirm this to NOS. However, some parties in the cabinet believe the plans go too far and want to water them down.

Jetten wants to make it mandatory to mix more expensive biofuels with regular fuels, which would make gasoline and diesel about 5 to 10 cents more expensive per liter. This should result in fewer kilometers traveled. This procedure can be introduced as early as 2024.

Also being discussed is to increase the purchase tax on new petrol and diesel (bpm) cars from 2025. It is likely to be a double bpm per car. This would generate billions of euros for the treasury. On the one hand, there will be a lower burden on buyers of used electric vehicles. All corporate rental cars must be electric from 2025.

hole in the budget

The ultimate goal is not to drive “fossil kilometers” at all. This brings climate goals closer.

But at the same time it creates a financial problem: greening the vehicle fleet costs the government money because of the granting of purchase subsidies. In addition, the Treasury loses out on fuel tax charges.

From 2030, the loss of income should be offset by new road pricing for all vehicles to be entered. Until then, the Cabinet should look for alternative sources of income, such as increasing bpm.

politically sensitive

The proposals are politically sensitive, especially for a party like the VVD, which usually defends the interests of motorists. Today, Cetin heard from some parties in the Cabinet that car owners are being hit hard by these plans. These parties believe that the plans should be watered down.

This matter will be discussed within the Council of Ministers in the coming days. The question is how long the parties want this discussion to go, but it is clear that the petrol driver cannot escape from the proceedings.

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