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I have another tip for people who find the 2-day trial period too short… If you want to be able to play for 4 days, you can also use EA Play for a month (€3.99). After that, you can also play EA games for a month and you’ll get 10% off the games you want to buy, like Battlefield 2042.

Want to buy Battlefield 2042, but wait for the trial version first…that’s a nice middle ground! Plus, it’s also a bit cheaper than buying Battlefield 2042 without a month from EA Play. Below is an overview:

Battlefield 2042 – Standard Edition
Price: 59.99 euros
With EA Play and 10% off: 57.98 €
Difference: 2.01 euros

Battlefield 2042 – Gold Edition
Price: 89.99 euros
With EA Play and 10% off: €84.98
Difference: 5.01 euros

Battlefield 2042 – Ultimate Edition
Price: 109.99 euros
With EA Play and 10% off: €102.98
Difference: 7.01 euros

Calculated for PC gamers.

Play EA:

  • Pre-load the Open Beta on 05/10 then get early access 06/10 – 07/10/
  • 10-hour trial starting November 12, 2021
  • Exclusive members-only rewards every month
  • Get 10% off your pre-order
  • Access playlist

via: https://www.ea.com/games/…field-2042/buy/pc#ea-play

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