ASUS introduces mini PCs with Intel Alder Lake processors and AMD Ryzen 5000H – Computer – News

ASUS revealed two mini PC models at CES, the PN64 and the PN52. Both models have a volume of 0.87 liters and have an Intel Alder Lake CPU or an AMD Ryzen 5000H CPU.

The two models have similar enclosures with dimensions of 120 x 130 x 55.5 mm, but differ in connections and internal components. For example, the PN64 model gets an Intel Alder Lake CPU. According to Liliputing Customers can choose from all Alder Lake-P-28W models and two 45W-H models. These two processors are the i5-12500H and the i7-12700H.

In addition, the PN64 model has two sodimm slots for DDR5-4800 memory, one M.2 2280 slot and space for a 2.5-inch drive. This model supports Wi-Fi 6 or 6E, has a 2.5Gb port, two HDMI connections, five USB 3.2 ports, two of which are Type-C and a 3.5mm port, plus space for an additional port, so customers can choose whether they want an HDMI port or DisplayPort 1.4 – or vga, com or rj45 optional HDMI port The port appears to be the only one of all HDMI ports that meets 4k120 in bandwidth and thus HDMI 2.1, but there is little additional information on that known.

Like the PN52 variant, the PN64 has a fan and will be available in the US in the second quarter of this year, according to Liliputing. The cost of PN64 there, converted with VAT, is at least 395 euros. The price of the PN52 model is not yet known. It is also not clear which processors he will receive; It is only known that it will be the Ryzen 5000H series of CPUs.

Other changes from the PN64 model include an additional M.2 2280 slot and six USB ports, with this model having an additional Type A port. ASUS is also talking about support for USB Power Delivery inputs with this model and customers can also choose which port they want to get.

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