“An antique wardrobe at home instantly creates an atmosphere” | the interior

"An antique wardrobe at home instantly creates an atmosphere" |  the interior

Ask vtwonenThe ’50s, ’60s, and ’70s go back inside with wood slats, browns, round shapes, and even seating pits. Marlon Zwier of vtwonen is an expert in antique furniture and explains which cabinets are popular and why.

The old cabinets that are now popular are made of teak veneer, a wooden look with a red glow on top of it. “You can’t really paint it. It’s usually a thin layer of wood on MDF. Unlike the circular shapes you see in sofas and other furniture, antique cabinets have an angular edge.”

Why are they famous?
Antique dresser instantly adds ambiance to the home. It is a display item in your living room or bedroom. I myself have a wall unit in the living room from the 1970s, a masterpiece. The types you see often are sideboards, which are tall, low cabinets on slender legs. You often see the secretary, a somewhat higher cabinet with a flap sticking out, turning it into a desk. Beautiful and practical. The narrow legs make it look elegant and the details at the end are very special. Steel and glass pharmaceutical cabinet is very suitable again for a more solid appearance. “

Classic living style pushes boundaries and surprises with a very special blend of old and new. Read also in vtwonen how Vintage living style in your home?

Cabinets are often imported as well. There is active trade in Chinese coffers from Poland or other Eastern European countries. They are generally more stable and stable. Many old safes are also imported from Denmark. They are more accurate, from the Scandinavian traditions. In general, we Dutch people think this is a beautiful style. Also, don’t forget that IKEA is Scandinavian. A lot of Ikea furniture also references the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.”

If you are interested in antique furniture, where do you start your search?
“Think carefully about what you want before searching. Closet or china cupboard? What are you going to use it for? Where do you put it and what is the right size for that place? Then you can google and even then it helps if you know what you are looking for. Even if you are searching in Marktplaats. Enter : “Mid-Century Cabinets.” That’s what most people search for every now and then you have everything from the 50s, 60s, and 70s. In my view, the differences between those decades aren’t that great when it comes to wardrobes. Styles overlap. You’ll likely end up in boutiques The web that has already made nice choices or even refurbished the furniture.”

Sturdy and sturdy chest of drawers.  Design by Cleo Schulermann.

Sturdy and sturdy chest of drawers. Design by Cleo Schulermann. © Jeroen van der Sek

You can also do it yourself.
That’s right, if you buy a locker from Marktplaats, you spend much less money and can often fix it yourself. But make no mistake knowing how difficult it can be. It’s not always a matter of sanding and a lick of paint. For example, I re-clad the cabinet myself. Then you need to start with glue and iron. It’s so annoying, but it’s good to relate to it more because you put love into it.”

Does antique style fit into any interior décor?
‘Actually, I think so. If you have a stylish and modern home, a beautiful antique wall unit or accessory can create a completely different atmosphere. I believe in a mix of styles. A romantic home with lots of pink flowers can look challenging with a heavy ceramic cabinet. , eliminating the fuss. The all-metal cabinet with glass door instantly provides an industrial vibe and can break elegance. It will become an eye-catching for your interior.”

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