Dutch tourists stuck in Sardinia after the outbreak of Corona: a ‘nightmare’

Dutch tourists stuck in Sardinia after the outbreak of Corona: a 'nightmare'

Dutch authorities, who are traveling with Poldermann Risen, have been placed in quarantine in a hotel.


“What should have been a beautiful trip turned into a real nightmare. We went through it,” said Rene van der Pluijm, a participant in the holiday trip that started on October 18 and was only supposed to last twelve days.

Initially, the tour group consisted of 44 travelers who had to be quarantined, but nine of them have since been allowed to leave the quarantine hotel after they tested negative. A hotel, he says, is “more like a prison.”

local regulations

According to van der Pluijm, the Italian doctor in charge told the group that no one is allowed to leave the building until they have tested negative for corona. He fears that he and the others will be held for a longer period of time under difficult conditions. “We’re actually in our rooms all day and the food is placed in front of your door. Today we were allowed to air outside for ten minutes for the first time,” says van der Pluijm.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in The Hague is aware of the matter and says it is in compliance with local regulations. “We find this very disturbing for them and we are doing everything we can to avoid unwanted delays as much as possible. Our honorary consul in Sardinia is in contact with these people.”

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