Duncan Laurence ‘mentally exhausted’ and postpones album: ‘I’m so sad’ | Displays

Duncan Laurence 'mentally exhausted' and postpones album: 'I'm so sad' |  Displays

Duncan Laurence has released his second album Sky Boy Delayed. The singer is “mentally exhausted” and “very sad,” he wrote on Instagram on Friday.

According to Lawrence, the past few months have been “too much”. It’s not clear what exactly the singer is referring to, but his sentiment may have something to do with the hype surrounding Mia Nicolay and Dionne Cooper. Lawrence accompanied the duo to Eurovision, but was criticized when their first two live performances went wrong. Critics felt the singer could have done more for them. Plus, Duncan Laurence, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2019 with Arcade, was in the news last month when the producer and co-writer of that song, Wouter Hardy, aggressively approached him and Ilse DeLange about a commercial settlement for that mega-song. A Eurovision success, it has now been streamed 2.5 billion times across all platforms.

Lawrence has also previously held off Singles to focus entirely on Mia and Dionne. His album is already ready, but the singer is not. “I realize that I am not strong enough right now to give it the attention, promotion, love and care it needs after its release. So my team and I have decided to push back the release date.”

No new date was mentioned. “Over the next week I will focus on finishing up before taking a few weeks off to recover and come back stronger.”

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