Homeworld 3 Release Delayed To February 2024 Games News

I really enjoyed Homeworld 1, cataclysm 2, and Remasterd. Really those games where I could lose a few hours for a “level”, and still always enjoy them. The campaigns weren’t perfect, sometimes there was a big jump in difficulty, but always: memorable, and by way of backtracking/planning better, always fair and resolved. Although HW1 cheese with “steal everything” got very…overcooked in the long run.

That said, I’m looking forward to HW3, but I’m also a little hesitant. RTS as a genre like Homeworld (and Supreme Commander) is dead a bit. These games by definition have always been big and have lasted a long time. Certainly in the beginning, usually little happens when the economy and R&D are established.

Unfortunately, the modern gaming world is very, very fast. There should be work from start to finish, max 10 minutes/game to do the same thing again. Everything for fun interactions, moments and “clips”. DOTA did this for Warcraft III, and it has hardly gone back since. Starcraft II was also getting faster, more and more, more and more definition.

Games that don’t have this are usually grafted heavily on “expansion”. or by letter. But these are also things that a large-scale RTS really doesn’t have. And if you can’t pull off the mass market/streamers…then Freemium is the model to scale at times.

From a development perspective, I understand the delay in completion/quality. I like the games as satisfying, but also Zelda just because the developers make decisions like that and it benefits the game (Zelda’s six-month delay is fully incorporated into the physics). As for Homeworld, I wonder…if he didn’t look into “how can we make more money in this game”. Because development hours aren’t cheap, they’ve become exponentially more expensive over the past few years as the graphics have gotten better.

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