May 27, 2023

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More money for municipalities that receive asylum seekers quickly

More money for municipalities that receive asylum seekers quickly

This is stated in the formulation of the distribution law. This detail was sent to the House of Representatives today.

The General Administrative Order (AMvB) states that the distinction is intended as a financial incentive for municipalities to “offer as many sustainable reception spaces as possible”. Sustainable shelters must be available for at least five years. They must also make room for at least 100 asylum seekers. May be different reception sites on a small scale.

sign for each municipality

Every two years, the number of reception places required throughout the Netherlands is determined. This is done on the basis of expectations about the influx of asylum seekers. Next, the distribution of asylum seekers by province and municipality is indicated. Accordingly, the municipalities can “determine the number of reception places they wish to offer voluntarily at the national entry stage”, according to the system in the council.

The remaining reception spots after that first national tour will be allocated again in an indicative manner. Municipalities can still register voluntarily during this phase as well. Municipalities can enter into mutual agreements on the division of the remaining regional reception spaces “suitable for local conditions”.


If there is not enough reception available, the Secretary of State for Asylum Erik van der Burgh determines for each municipality the number of asylum seekers to be accommodated. The aim is “to achieve the most balanced distribution across the territory of the Netherlands”. It is taken into account whether the municipality has previously received asylum seekers. This is why “weighting will vary by situation”.

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Before the Council of Ministers gets involved, the municipality first receives a warning, followed by an advance announcement. If the municipality ignores this, the minister himself will arrange the necessary reception spaces. The municipality can appeal this decision.

The spread of the law

Earlier today, the Cabinet gave permission to draft the Distribution Law. Part of this law is that municipalities can be compelled to take in asylum seekers. The Department of Immigration and Nationality fears that it will stop receiving asylum seekers again in the coming months, due to the lack of reception places. Last year, hundreds of asylum seekers at the Ter Apel application center had to regularly sleep outside because there were not enough beds.