Dropbox displays an AI global search bar to search for files across apps

Dropbox announced two AI services. The first, Dropbox AI, can scan and summarize documents and videos, among other things. The second, Dropbox Dash, is an AI-powered universal search bar that should be able to find “all your personal content” in one place.

Dropbox poses That the Dash search bar acts as a browser extension and should be able to find user content in a variety of different apps and services. The company says this tool can find files in Google Workspace, Microsoft Outlook, and Salesforce, among others. Dropbox calls it a “universal search bar for personal information.” According to the company, any file format can be found in this. Since this feature uses machine learning, according to the company, it gets better the more it is used.

Dropbox Dash also comes with an additional feature, Stack, which allows users to organize personal content from different apps into folders, or “Stacks”. In addition, according to the company, the AI ​​should also offer suggestions for content that might also belong in such a folder, so that users don’t have to manually search for everything themselves.

Moreover, Dash includes a home page with a dashboard that displays not only the search bar and various stacks, but also links to the material the user is currently working on. For example, if they were working on PowerPoint the day before, a link to that PowerPoint will appear on the home page, so users can get back to it right away.

Later, Dash is also supposed to be able to “use your personal and business information to answer questions and find relevant content through generative AI.” For example, Dropbox gives users the ability to ask AI when the next corporate holiday is, or whatever corporate strategy that entails.

On the other hand, Dropbox AI can be used to summarize documents and videos. Users can also ask specific questions about the content of the content. The company says this functionality should also be usable later with entire folders or an entire Dropbox account, though no further explanation is given.

Although AI can access a lot of sensitive information with these tools, Dropbox promises that personal data will be handled with care. The company says it will be “transparent” and not sell user data to advertisers. Dropbox AI is available in alpha for US Dropbox Pro customers. The feature will also be rolled out to Selected Dropbox Teams. No information about the release of Dropbox Dash has been revealed yet.

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