Man suspected of leaking Pentagon Papers says innocent on the outside

Man suspected of leaking Pentagon Papers says innocent on the outside

Jack Douglas Teixeira, 21, pleaded not guilty in a US court on Thursday in a case of leaking classified government information. The US soldier pleaded “not guilty” to every charge the judge named.

The case became known as the “Pentagon Leak”. Teixeira is suspected of intentionally distributing classified government information via the Discord messaging service.

Teixeira, who worked for the National Guard, was arrested in April. On Wednesday, the 20 appeared in orange prison jumpsuits before the judge who recorded the charges. And the American media wrote that Teixeira always answered with the words “not guilty”.

Prosecutors say the military shared sensitive information with a group of gaming friends on Discord. According to US media, these dozens of top secret documents were actually intended for senior military officers and senior intelligence officials.

The leak caused great embarrassment to the US authorities. President Joe Biden is investigating why Teixeira had access to the data. The twenty-year-old youth risks severe punishment. He could be behind bars for decades and be fined a quarter of a million dollars.

The next session will take place on August 9.

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