March 26, 2023

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Domaine Vershorn frankly in "The 3 star campsite": "So life has been unfair for a while"

Domaine Vershorn frankly in “The 3 star campsite”: “So life has been unfair for a while”

no hobbies

There are various activities on the agenda that are suitable for the guests. Only for the radio operator, the camp management had to take matters into their own hands. Verschuuren has no hobbies. So the trio come up with something for themselves.

full agenda

But first, serve under a festive tent with all the guests. Before their visit, the guests filled out a list of facts about themselves. For example, Verschuuren becomes calmer with a full agenda than with an empty one, but is determined to change that: “I have now decided for myself that I am not allowed to do anything at all every Wednesday morning from 9 to 12.”

For the group activity, the group stands on a beach to build sandcastles. “He has no hobbies, so we came up with one,” Toole shrieked about the radio DJ. “no thing ?!” The painter asks in surprise. “But you like things that you can do in your spare time, right?” Borgelt addresses Verschuuren. “No, not that,” he replied with a laugh.

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take care of your parents

Moments later, Tolle was alone with Verschuuren and a frank conversation ensued. Names the questionnaire that guests complete prior to their arrival. “I also mentioned that you can sometimes worry about your parents’ happiness,” Tolle says. “Every day actually,” replies Vershoren.

At the end of 2010 his father suddenly had a stroke. At that point, he was only enjoying his retirement for two days. “Since then, my parents’ lives have changed, and thus my sister’s and myself’s life as well,” Vershoren says.

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despite of

His mother took care of most of the care. Leave the kids out there as much as possible. “My mother takes care of him and she does a great job, and I am very proud of her,” Vershoren says, “and of him,” he adds.

It’s a mother’s conscious choice not to involve her children too much in the care. “My mom will always point out if it’s too much, but she wants our happiness to really be our happiness,” Vershoren says. “I don’t feel guilty for not being around every day, but sometimes I ask myself, What can I do about this happiness?”

“Just being there”

“In the end, the answer is always: just be there every once in a while,” continues the radio DJ. Candid conversation with Tol also makes Verschuuren emotional. “My dad always worked hard and I really thought: If he stops working, their time will start. Then it happened on the second day, and then life became unfair for a while,” he says excitedly.

“Are your parents happy now?” asks Tolle. “I hope so,” Verschurin lovingly responds. “I hope they have found the form in which they can be happy.”

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