January 27, 2023

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Schiphol and KLM Aware of Health Harm for 15 Years: 'Our Members Die Early' |  the interior

Schiphol and KLM Aware of Health Harm for 15 Years: ‘Our Members Die Early’ | the interior

Schiphol Airport and KLM airlines were warned fifteen years ago by their Occupational Health and Safety Services of an “increased risk” of heart disease and lung cancer among their employees. This is evident from the secret reports transmitted by the television program “Zambla”.

About twenty thousand employees of Schiphol yard work every day on the fumes of aircraft and diesel vehicles. In 2007, occupational health experts advised companies to “limit their employees’ exposure to this as much as possible”. Experts at Zembla “Sick of Schiphol” say this has not happened.

The FNV union now holds the Schiphol Group and its handling companies responsible for the health damages that platform employees have incurred for years. “We’re seeing that our members get sick and die early because of their work,” FNV’s Joost van Doesburg tells Zembla. “This damage needs to be compensated for.”

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