Dog leads police to injured, hypothermic owner: ‘She’s my little guardian angel’ | abroad

Dog leads police to injured, hypothermic owner: 'She's my little guardian angel' |  abroad

Tinsley, a one-year-old German shepherd, ran down a highway on the New Hampshire and Vermont border, prompting motorists to call the police. When the police officers saw the animal and tried to catch it, Tinsley led them nearby. A pickup truck had gone off the road there. The occupants of the car were ejected from the car and developed hypothermia.

The New Hampshire Police Department said: “It was clear that Tinsley led police to the scene and injured the injured.” “Officers noticed that the dog was trying to show them something because it kept running away from them, but not quite,” said Officer Daniel Baldassar. “It was as if she had said to me, follow me, follow me.”

“I liken it a little bit, for those who remember, to the true ‘Lassie’ story, where people are in need and the dog goes for help and takes them where the person is,” Baldassar said. While paramedics were providing first aid to the injured, the dog sat quietly next to its owner.

Cam Landry, the owner of Tinsley, confirmed that Tinsley would receive a nice bonus. “She’s my little guardian angel,” he told WCVB. “It’s amazing that she was smart enough to do what she did.”

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