Russia provides security guarantees to the United States and NATO

Russia provides security guarantees to the United States and NATO

NATO must suspend military operations in Eastern Europe and Ukraine, which is a key condition in the relationship between the US and European allies and Russia on the one hand. Friday is in the Kremlin The list of security guarantees has been released Submitted to those parties. Tensions between NATO and Russia have been rising rapidly in recent weeks; The federation accuses Russia of creating an army on the border with Ukraine and occupying the country.

Last week he met with US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin In digital consultation In an attempt to get closer. Prior to the talks, Putin submitted a number of demands, including security guarantees around Ukraine: the neighboring country should never join NATO, and the military alliance should not train the country or use heavy military equipment there. Those requests were rejected in advance by Pita.

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In the documents released on Friday, you can read exactly how the points were added. The documents are drafts of two agreements, one for the United States and the other for NATO signatures. Nine points are mentioned. In addition to Russia’s veto on Ukrainian access and further expansion of NATO, Russia wants to reduce operations in the Baltic and Black Seas. It is not questionable to place missile systems in places that could hit another person’s territory.

NATO ‘knows’

Moscow denies wanting to occupy Ukraine. A spokesman for Russia’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that relations between the two countries had reached a “dangerous level” due to “unacceptable” actions by Western allies. Reuters news agency reports that it wants to immediately begin negotiations on the Kremlin’s demands. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said Thursday evening ‘Be wary’ of Russian proposals. According to him, any discussion can only take place “on the basis of reciprocity, if NATO concerns about Russia’s actions are discussed.”

In his response, White House spokesman Zhen Zaki recalled that the United States and Russia have been consulting with each other in a number of contexts. In that light, she sees no reason why “we can not do that to reduce instability.” But: “We will do it in cooperation and coordination with our European partners and allies.” Based on two documents from the Russians, he appeared to have rejected the completely ‘separated’ negotiations.

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