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Roborock showed off the S7 MaxV Ultra robot vacuum at CES. New compared to other Roborock vacuum cleaners is that the cleaning station of this device can now clean the mop and the water container can be refilled by itself.

The dock of the S7 MaxV Ultra, in addition to the charging function, has a cleaning station with two water tanks so that the robot can be cleaned independently. The built-in mop is also cleaned. Water tanks can be refilled independently. When the robot returns to its dock after cleaning, it will be unloaded as well as charged.

In addition to, According to Roborock Mop detection has been improved compared to the S6 MaxV Ultra, so a robotic vacuum cleaner should better understand whether, among other things, it is working on a carpet or rug and whether the built-in mop should be pulled in or taken out.

With 5100Pa, the S7 MaxV Ultra has the largest suction power of all Roborock vacuum cleaners. The device also has a built-in RGB camera, 3D structured light and neural processing unit, which requires the vacuum cleaner to be better at detecting objects than previous robotic products. For example, the S7 MaxV Ultra should react differently based on the obstacle in front of it. This way he can get close to the shoes, but stay away from pet feces.

According to the manufacturer, it takes less than four hours to fully charge the robot. The vacuum cleaner costs $1,399 and will be available in America in the second quarter of 2022. It is not yet known if and when the robotic vacuum cleaner will come to the Netherlands and Belgium.

Update, 16:20: An earlier version of this article mentioned that a robotic vacuum cleaner can charge itself as an innovation. This is incorrect, this functionality already exists in previous iterations.

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