Do you think unpackaged groceries are a good idea? † Join the Conversation

Do you think unpackaged groceries are a good idea?  † Join the Conversation

jars and special bags

Breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, spreads and even coffee beans will be available without packaging with the new Albert Heijn concept. The idea is for customers to bring their own jars or bags and fill them with their own groceries. First weigh the weight of the jar, then how many grams of the product you put in it. Then you calculate it.

Less waste

For example, Albert Heijn wants to use 20 million kilograms less packaging material by 2025. Albert Heijn will continue to sell products currently available unwrapped in regular packaging, but wants that packaging to be 100% recycled by 2025. With normal packaging, There is a mark that the product is also available without packaging.

After Rotterdam, it was the turn of the XL branches at Gelderlandplein in Amsterdam and Leidschendam. Next year, Albert Heijn would like to present the concept in 50 other branches.

a step

Thus, environmentally conscious life just got a little easier with this new concept. This is not only an advantage for people who actually want to live with an environmental awareness. But it’s also easy for people who find it to be a major barrier to take the first step toward living an environmentally conscious life. In addition, you also have less waste at home. Instead of the plastic pasta bag you throw away, you have an empty bowl that you can refill. You can also buy exactly the amount of product you need and don’t throw away half when it expires.


But are we really waiting to take our utensils and bags to the supermarket? It might seem like a lot of trouble, because we’re not used to it. But one advantage; If you forgot the jars or bags, you can buy them at Albert Heijn to keep taking home unpacked products.

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Jungle ranger Tim is happy with the new concept, and thinks it deserves a round of applause.

Chris is less enthusiastic about the new concept, and she wonders if Albert Heijn would use less plastic containers for vegetables.

Nicole thinks an unwrapped wall is a good concept. She believes it is a step in the right direction for Albert Hein.

Bass is excited about Albert Heijn’s packaging-free product in Rotterdam. He almost thought the news was a joke.

Burt points out that convenience stores have had this concept for years. He believes that the concept of no packaging is hypocrisy.

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