Discovery of an explosion in the dam • Ukraine loses a Leopard tank in an attack

Discovery of an explosion in the dam • Ukraine loses a Leopard tank in an attack

Now that the Ukrainian counterattack seemed to have already begun, Attacks reported by the Ukrainian military All over the front line. The heaviest fighting appears to have been in the south, in the Zaporizhia region. If Ukraine could enter the Sea of ​​Azov, Kherson and Crimea isolated from the rest of the territories occupied by Russia.

Ultranationalist military bloggers reported violent Ukrainian attacks in Zaporizhia and partial successes. Ukraine is said to have seized territory around Lubkov, although this has not been confirmed. The bulk of the artillery attacks will be concentrated in the direction between Oreshev and Tokmak. Tokmak is an important hub located about 40 kilometers from the front line.

Also according to official Russian sources, many Ukrainian attacks took place in Zaporizhia. The Russians claim they refused, but this cannot be verified.

Ukraine says the epicenter of the fighting is in the eastern Donbass region and that it ignores the offensive in the south. According to Ukrainian Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malyar, the Russians are conducting defensive operations in the south. She does not reveal more about the situation there.

ANP/EPA – Russia launches attacks on Kherson, among others. Here an amphibious vehicle helps evacuate the flooded city.

Russia claims that many Ukrainian tanks have congregated in the south. In any case, it is certain that the German Leopard 2 tanks of the Ukrainian army are active near Orichiv, Shown in pictures Through it De Volkskrant Verified.

The independent experts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) also we conclude That there are many Ukrainian attacks in Zaporizhia. They were partially repulsed, because the Russians set up several lines of defense there. However, the ISW points out that Ukraine is not using all the military resources it has. The first attacks may have been intended as pokes to see how the Russians would react.

According to the ISW, Russia probably has its best forces stationed in the south. This would partly explain why the Ukrainian attacks there are now being successfully repelled. In other parts of the country, Russia’s defensive capabilities may be lower.

Guram Paul

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