Spider-Man 2 will release on October 20th for PS5 with a suggested retail price of €80 – Games – News

Don’t underestimate the amount of money that goes into making these games these days.

A long game doesn’t have to be expensive, and a high budget game isn’t automatically long (I even note that it’s shorter, unless it’s an RPG or other Japanese game)

I’ve played enough games in the past, but even now they’re much longer but made on a lower budget, and India often likes to include more content too.

The tip is just waiting to sell out, on PC I sometimes want to buy a game on day one if the price is worth it in my opinion and I want the game, on consoles (not Switch) however I’m increasingly waiting for the price to drop it’ll be something If there are no physical games anymore since all the discount games I buy are physical games (because the price often goes down faster)

Spider-Man 2 is coming here…but not until it’s around $40 or less, just be patient.

As far as groceries are concerned, I would like to see a shop where you can easily eat normally all week for 80€ (I confirm it’s normal, I know people who eat a peanut butter sandwich and pasta every day and then don’t look surprised they only pay 50€ a week for two people)

Before “Eastern European Misery” I lost 70€ a week, now I’m more likely to squeeze 100-120 a week, we’re quite frugal and I always pay attention to prices (all my life, mainly due to getting used to)

Even my mother, who has the luxury of living on the border with Germany and can buy groceries much cheaper, has lost 80-100 euros (her husband eats more due to hard physical labor, but still), and she is someone who only does everything herself, otherwise she would have lost more. much.

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Please note that in either case except for alcohol and smoking, my partner and I don’t do those things, but my mother smokes, and beer or similar is also in the house there.

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