Debo Samuel of Team 49 and Trent Williams update after beating the Packers

Debo Samuel of Team 49 and Trent Williams update after beating the Packers

The 49 players lived to play another week but two of their most important players were dropped from their ranks 13-10 win over the Green Bay Packers With obvious injuries to the ankle.

A look at receiver/runback Deebo Samuel and left tackle Trent Williams during The amazing 49ers win in an NFC playoff game at Lambeau Stadium on Saturday night.

Williams appeared to have barbed his ankle in the third quarter and limped to the sideline.

After winning the round, Williams was seen using crutches to get to the X-ray room at Lambeau Field.

Samuel straightened his ankle in one of the game’s most important plays – match three and seven with 1:03 remaining in regulation. He took the delivery from Jimmy Garoppolo and plowed the middle for nine yards and landed first. But when he got up, he knew something was wrong and managed to reach the sideline while hopping on his left foot all the way.

Both players are expected to undergo further tests on Sunday to determine the severity of their injuries.

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The 49ers on the road will go to meet the Los Angeles Rams or the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next Sunday in the NFC Championship game and they will definitely need Samuel and Williams to have the best chance of progressing to the Super Bowl.

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