Day by day Justin Herbert QB ‘feels more comfortable,’ says Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley

Day by day Justin Herbert QB 'feels more comfortable,' says Los Angeles Chargers coach Brandon Staley

COSTA MESA, CA – Six days after sustaining a meniscus fracture of his rib, the Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert Head coach Brandon Staley said Wednesday that he counts down the day before his week three showdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“He’s had a lot of rest since the last game,” Staley said. “He feels more comfortable. I know he was able to do some light throws yesterday, some periodic work, but we’ll take it day in and day out and see his comfort level.”

Herbert didn’t catch any assists during the short portion of open practice for reporters on Wednesday. See quarterbacks for the third year as backup brokers Chase Daniel And the Easton Steak He took throwing reps.

Herbert participated in handing balls for running backs and was listed as a limited participant in the Chargers’ injury report.

receiver Kenan Allen and narrow end Donald Parham Jr.. , both of whom had been dealing with hamstring injuries, also returned to training with limited ability.

Staley said whether Herbert plays on Sunday would be a decision starting with the midfielder.

“It’s going to start with him and then obviously he’s good at what the medical team feels is best, he’s balancing the options and then we make a good decision,” Staley said.

The Charger’s doctor who takes care of Herbert’s injury is being sued for medical malpractice by the former Chargers Tyrod Taylorwho is seeking at least $5 million after sustaining a punctured lung while being treated for a rib injury in 2020, according to original lawsuit transcripts and subsequent files relating to the case obtained by ESPN.

When asked Wednesday if there was any fear of Herbert’s treatment given the recent history of caring for quarterbacks, Staley said caring for the players is of paramount importance.

“Any player going through something like this, your biggest responsibility as a coach is to take care of your players,” Staley said. “So I think we have full alignment with Justin and his family, his agents, and then the medical professionals, and that’s what we’re going to try to do is keep alignment that way and kind of trust the process and hopefully we’ll get it all right soon.”

Herbert was injured in the 27-24 loss last Thursday against the Kansas City Chiefs.

With 5 minutes and 9 seconds left in the match, Chiefs finish defensively Mike Dana Herbert hit, leaving the midfielder lying on the field for a long time.

Herbert returned after missing only one play and was immediately hit again, crushed between Chiefs passes. Frank Clark And the George Karlavtis. However, Herbert remained in the game.

In two games, Herbert passed for 613 yards and six touchdowns, with an interception.

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