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Developer Mossmouth has added multiplayer to the multiplayer mode of Roguelike Spelunky 2. This means that players on PlayStation consoles, Xbox consoles, Nintendo Switch and PC can play together.

Patch notes from version 1.26 Read that in both Adventure Mode and Arena Mode it is possible to play with players on other platforms. “I feel like all the big goals in terms of online features have been met,” says designer Derek Yu. Since the release of Spelunky 2 in 2020, many players have requested cross-play support in multiplayer mode. Yu says the process of achieving this has been very difficult.

“Spelunky 2 is too complicated for online multiplayer, despite it being a ‘only’ 2D platformer. It allows four players to run in a dual layered level with destructible terrain, smooth simulation and lots of interaction, as there is nothing in the level that can be temporarily disabled Plus, it’s a fast-paced and very detailed arcade game, so there’s a lot going on at any given time,” says the designer.

Yu wrote that the developers will be collecting feedback about the new feature in the near future. The designer also reported that new content for single player mode is no longer in the works.

Spelunky 2 is a 2D platform game about exploring tunnels and caves. The first game was released for PC in 2008 and since then it has been re-released for different platforms. Spelunky 2 follows almost the same formula as its predecessor, but includes more features, such as an online multiplayer mode. The previous game only supports local cooperation.

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