D66 leader Kaag called on Metoo victims to report: “People can come to me” | Policy

D66 leader Kaag called on Metoo victims to report: “People can come to me” |  Policy

D66 calls on potential Metoo victims to continue reporting. With the new complaints procedure, the party also hopes to make anonymous testimonials possible.

This is what D66 Chairman Victor Everhardt said this afternoon during a press conference on the hitherto withheld appendix to the Integrity Report. D66 received 19 reports of infringing behavior, and only 7 people indicated they wanted to start a new conversation. Fearing harm to their jobs, others decided to remain silent after all. Nor would it have been possible to report completely anonymously, but according to party chief Everhardt, that has now changed.

Van Dreamlin

One of the reports in the report was about Party leader Frans van Dremelen resigned on Wednesday† In his position as a talented scout at D66, he was able to make or break careers. Moreover, he was also the one who introduced D66’s current political leader Sigrid Kaag to the party, Kaag acknowledged during the press conference. I was introduced by Frans van Dremelen in 2016. ”But she vehemently rejects the suggestion that that introduction also influenced her judgment of him.

, I was living in Lebanon at the time, find out – oh, you’re from a D66 too – I thought that was fine. “The Van Drimmelen case did not stand in our way.

D66 leader Sigrid Kaag and party leader Victor Everhardt explain the case of the offensive behavior of party leader Frans van Dremelen. © ANP / Bart Maat

Kaag and the party chief will remain in office after the case. Kaag argues that her party’s leadership should be weighed more broadly than this “single state”. But the party promises improvement. D66 “is looking for a correct treatment of a very painful issue for her”.

There will be a code of conduct that D66 politicians and administrators must sign. This will be followed by a party meeting of members in mid-May to discuss the matter. The more than 700 Members who signed an open letter requested it.

Cage still hopes to be able to help the victims: “People can come to me.”

Do you know more about the infringing behavior on the D66, or do you want another infringing tip? Then you can send a message to us via The WhatsApp or refer to: +31615377185† You can also send tips by email to [email protected] or via public† Through all these channels you can contact us An unknown tip† According to us, we treat your data confidentially Privacy Statement

The D66 party leadership responded Thursday afternoon to the revelation that crucial information about the Van Dremelen case had been kept secret for a year:

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