D66 and CDA voters favor party leaders other than Kaag and Hoekstra, and supporters allow Rutte and Bikker

D66 and CDA voters favor party leaders other than Kaag and Hoekstra, and supporters allow Rutte and Bikker

CDA and D66 voters prefer that Wopke Hoekstra and Sigrid Kaag not return as party leaders. At the same time, 7 out of 10 VVD voters find it acceptable that Mark Rutte becomes party leader for the sixth time. Mirjam Bikker (CU) is also receiving a lot of support.

CDA voters are tough on Wopke Hoekstra: only a third of them want to see him again. D66 voters prefer Rob Gettin or Jean Paternot over Kaag. Three-quarters of Cristenone voters think it is acceptable for Miriam Becker to become party leader. This emerged from research conducted by EenVandaag among coalition party voters in the opinion body, one day after the fall of the government.

Rutte allowed for the sixth time

It was already in 2006, 2010, 2012, 2017 and 2021, and if it were up to the voters who voted for the VVD in the last election, Mark Rutte could once again become party leader. Whatever the prime minister is politically battered, 71% have no problem if he is at the top of the VVD’s list. “Rute is by far the best as Prime Minister. Whatever you think of him, I don’t see anyone doing better.”

However, there is one VVD member with more support among VVD voters. 83 percent would like to see Klas Dezhkhov return to politics to lead the party. They think he is a “quiet, level-headed, intelligent man of the right profile”, but many question whether he wants to. Justice Minister Dylan Yeseljus completes VVD’s top three favorite politicians. 61 percent find her acceptable as a party leader.

Who are the current party leaders who might return as leader of the list?

Rather gettin’ or paternot more than a cage

As far as half of D66 voters (52 percent) are concerned, Sigrid Kaag may return as leader of her party. 38 percent would not like to be the same again. “Kagh has integrity, but her name sticks a lot to Prut and I see she actually doesn’t want to,” a D66 voter wrote.

The most popular are two active men in the party. Outgoing Climate and Energy Minister Rob Gettin will now be accepted by 65 percent of D66 voters as the party leader. “It’s grown tremendously in recent years. Quiet and friendly,” says one voter. Gettin is followed at some distance by Jean Paternot, the party’s current leader in the House of Representatives, who has approval ratings of 57 percent.

Hoekstra gone, Keijzer back?

Of all the current Alliance leaders, Wopke Hoekstra is the least popular among his supporters. Only a third (36 percent) find it acceptable as a driving force in CDA. A Christian Democratic voter concludes, “Hoekstra has not been a good party man and never will be. Just let him come back as a minister.”

There are not many popular alternatives within CDA. Mona Kejzer, who had to leave the Cabinet as Minister of State for Economic Affairs in Corona times, still receives the most support. 54 percent see this in her. They call her “humble,” “courageous,” “upright,” and “steadfast,” and hope she returns to The Hague.

Coalition voters over who should be the leader of their party

Back to CDA?

In the open responses, some CDU voters said they hoped for the return of the CDU member who left the party after internal troubles: Peter Umtzigt. They still regret that he had to say goodbye to the party he had been a member of parliament for so many years.

“I very much hope the CDA leadership will step out of its shadow, embrace Peter Umtzigt once again and will support him as much as possible as the leader of CDA 2.0,” wrote one Christian Democratic voter.

Miriam Baker (Christian Union)

Baker can stay

In the former smallest coalition party, Christenone’s recently elected party leader, Miriam Becker, clearly impressed a Christenone voter. She succeeds Gert Jan Segers, who left politics in January. Three-quarters (76%) see Baker as the leader of the party. “She has shown to be a strong personality who dares to make tough choices if necessary,” says a ChristenUnie voter.

Interim Deputy Prime Minister Carola Scutine is equally popular. According to three-quarters (74 percent) of Cristenoni voters, the minister, who sat at the table on behalf of Cristenoni in the crisis consultations on asylum, should become party leader.


about this research

The poll was conducted on the evening of Friday, July 7 (after the fall of the government) and Saturday, July 8. 17,825 members of the EenVandaag Opinion Panel participated in the study, including 3,508 voters who voted for VVD in TK2021, 2,912 for D66, 1,758 for CDA and 693 for ChristenUnie.

After weighting, the research represents 6 variables: age, gender, education, marital status, distribution across the country, and political preference according to the 2021 parliamentary elections. The opinion body consists of 80,000 members.

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