January 31, 2023

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Cremation of your beloved pet is much more expensive due to high energy prices

The sharp rise in energy prices also has consequences for pet cremation. Crematoriums have already raised the price or will. Linda Stekkinger of the Cinta crematorium in Nieuwendijk: “I also have to agree with them and this is a difficult decision, because I really don’t want this. I’m thinking of a temporary additional energy cost of 30-35 euros for a dog of 22-34 kilos.”

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Rob Bartolo

“It’s also getting more expensive,” says Theo Biemans of the animal crematorium and Lieshout cemetery. It started three years ago, then the average price for cremation with us was about 100 euros. Now it is about 125 euros. We light the furnace with propane, which has become much more expensive, but collecting animals from people’s homes is very difficult from a financial point of view. I fill up twice a week for 150€ each time, just count. “

At NOVIO in Nieuwkuijk, a deceased dog or cat can be “burned” in water, which is called re-living. “Within 20 hours, your pet will thaw in warm water,” says Jan Basements. Remarkably, this has also become much more expensive and this is not due to the price of water.

“Believe it or not, the special salt comes from Ukraine.”

“The salt we use to speed up the decomposition process is now three times more expensive,” Kilders explains. “Believe it or not, special salt comes from Ukraine. A year ago we paid about 1,400 euros for a pallet, and now it’s 4,200 euros. It’s really strange. ”

The salt for the decomposition process in burning water has become three times more expensive
The salt for the decomposition process in burning water has become three times more expensive

The holocaust is terribly frustrating with the current situation. “A cubic meter of gas has gone from 1.11 to 1.55 euros for me,” says Linda Steckinger. “Even the tractor is getting a lot more expensive,” Linda continues. “I was told that the raw materials for a good jar are scarce and transportation is of course more expensive.”

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Martin Matton of Boxtel crematorium: “Firing a stone jar into the furnace is also probably more expensive due to the higher price of gas. In January the cost of cremation is 10-15 euros and there is likely to be another price increase from 10 to 25 euros. It’s very unfortunate, but I can’t help it.”

The Memoria crematorium in Tilburg already charges an energy surcharge of €50 in some cases. This relates to the cremation that the customer specified the day and time for which the furnace should be specially operated.

Tzowart’s parents did not escape the Masshurst Auden holocaust, either. “We raised prices a little bit in January, and I don’t know how they will last yet.”

Entrepreneurs don’t know whether deceased pet owners are less often at crematoriums because of higher prices. “Of course we only see people who come in to register their pets,” Martin Matton answers. According to Linda Stekkinger, the owners who opted for cremation ‘will do anything for it’.