Convicted American millionaire charged again with murder

Convicted American millionaire charged again with murder

Kathy Durst disappeared nearly forty years ago. Her body was never found. Her wealthy husband Robert Durst remained a suspect in the case for a long time, but there was no conclusive evidence. Even today, because 78-year-old Durst is officially charged with the murder of his then-wife.

Known by chance

Both murder cases came to the fore in 2015 when Durst collaborated on a documentary about his life. In front of the camera, he contradicted the accusations, but in an unguarded moment he said to himself, “What did you do? Kill them all, of course.” He didn’t realize his microphone was still on. The clip was used in court when Durst was on trial for Berman’s murder.

In addition to these murders, Durst was involved in a third case. The dismembered body of his neighbor was found. Durst claimed self-defense and was eventually convicted only of trying to dispose of his neighbor’s body. He admitted that he had already cut the man.

It remains unclear whether Durst will reach the end of the lawsuit. He suffers from health problems for a long time and was taken to hospital on Sunday after testing positive for corona.

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