December 1, 2022

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EvdWL about the crazy month of February, the movie Uncharted and the new Splinter Cell

EvdWL about the crazy month of February, the movie Uncharted and the new Splinter Cell

This talk show is made possible in part by MSI. All opinions expressed in this video are our own. MSI has no say in the content and is watching the video for the first time, just like here on the site.

Let’s usher in a new weekend. With all the bells and whistles. No problem, we will bring you a new version of the talk show in Holland: Weekend Live. With trusted Friday trio Daan, Jelle, and Koos behind the mics. In the next hour and a half they will talk, among other things, about the rumors about the pre-production of New Splinter Cell, the “disappointing” growth of Game Pass, a strange patent filed by PlayStation and news about Battlefield 2042. And that’s just a fraction of all that will be discussed.

Will there be a new splinter cell

Since there’s also plenty to discuss about Xbox boss Matt Booty’s comments being jealous of blockbuster PlayStation first party movies. Will Xbox be able to achieve this standard in the future? The three also talk about SteamDeck, which producer Valve revealed more. How popular is your laptop in the newsroom? It ends with some statements. Because JJ’s editor felt it once. To the three gentlemen to answer them. Have fun with this version and enjoy the weekend.

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