Communists unexpectedly win local elections in Graz (Austria)

Communists unexpectedly win local elections in Graz (Austria)

Counselor Kurz says in Interview Being “very surprised” by KPÖ’s earnings. “It should be food for thought that the Communists in Austria can win elections,” said the Christian Democrat. The head of the local FPÖ faction in Graz says he is disappointed with the people of Graz. “The voter is always right, but now I’m not sure anymore.”

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KPÖ was established after the Russian Revolution of 1917, with the aim of making Austria a communist utopia. From 1933 to 1945, the party was banned; After World War II, with Soviet support at the national level, the party was able to win about 4.5% of the vote at its peak. Today, KPÖ plays a marginal role of national importance.

But in Graz, the party has maintained and strengthened a strong base of influence in recent years. Analysts say the Communists grew up through “service-oriented policies,” such as creating a hotline where tenants could report their problems with landlords. KPÖ also featured in the campaign its progressive housing and public transportation schemes.

Antivax Party

Elections were also held in the state of Upper Austria, the area around the city of Linz. As expected, ÖVP became the largest out there; The right-wing populist party FPÖ loses sharply. A prominent newcomer to the Upper Austrian diet is the anti-vaccination party MFG, which received 6.2 percent of the vote.

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