American golfers continue to dominate the Rider Cup game

American golfers continue to dominate the Rider Cup game

Captain Steve Striker’s team is trying to recapture the prestigious trophy from Europe, which won the last edition of the Ryder Cup in 2018 in Paris. Last year, the Continental War was canceled due to the Corona. Europe has won four of the last five editions.

On Saturday the United States was strong in four teams (two players alternately off the same ball) and won three of the four games. Only John Rahm and Sergio Garcia have won battles against Brooks Koypka and Daniel Berger. In the latter, two of the four teams and one team played their own ball, with the golfers from Europe beating the United States 2-2 for the first time. Again Rahm / Garcia got a point and Shane Lori / Tyrell Hutton also won. On the American side, Scotty Scheffler / Bryson de Cambio and Dustin Johnson / Colin Morikova are good for victory.

Go for the miracle

Twelve singles matches will be played on the third and final day. The team with 14.5 points wins. Europe need at least nine points to hold the trophy with a 14-14 draw. This is half a point more than its famous comeback at the Medina Country Club in Illinois in 2012, where the European team returned from a 10-6 deficit.

“It’s very difficult to pick up six points, but I think we only need half a point less than the ‘Miracle of Medina’, so we go for it,” said Europe team captain Badreik Harrington. “It’s definitely on our minds.”

Garcia has been a strong player on the European side so far. With his two wins on Saturday, he recorded 25 Ryder Cup wins. “It inspires me when I need something extraordinary and fortunately I have been able to do it for many years now. I am proud to be a part of the Europe team.

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