Colin Benders Technology – From Kyteman to Modular Synths

Colin Benders Technology - From Kyteman to Modular Synths

There are tech enthusiasts who make technology their identity and there are those you don’t know about their tech love unless you ask for it. The latter is what we do in this section; We ask the famous Dutch about their techniques. In this third edition, we talk to musician Colin Binders about why he’s replacing the horn with a modular synthesizer, about his AR, VR, and Unreal Engine experience, and how he preferred to use a robotic arm to make music together.

Best known as trumpeter and composer Keitman, Colin Benders played nearly every Dutch festival with a hip-hop orchestra between 2009 and 2011, and whose blockbuster Sorry could be heard on the radio every day. For a long time there was silence around the musician, but it was not because he was sitting still. On the contrary, meet a new love: the modular complex. It took him years to learn to play that instrument. In 2017, he’s still somewhat unfamiliar with the instrument for the first time On stage while waking up† As of April of this year, he and audiovisual artist Boris Ackett can be seen in Dutch theaters with “Rhizome Part 1”, a show that is not yet known exactly what he will be performing there. “The components are Boris and me and a light and sound installation from you there. All I know is that it’s totally going to mount.”

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