I also leave “floating” for viewers: “Ban in the solar plexus”

I also leave "floating" for viewers: "Ban in the solar plexus"

28-year-old Este from Utrecht and 34-year-old Taif are, according to the program’s voiceover, “real free spirits” and live in the here and now, something their future resort should shine as well. “We want to create a place where people can relax… Connection With themselves, with others, and with the beautiful nature that exists ”, the Spectrum talks about their plans.

Three years ago, the couple were still at the start of a glittering career, but to escape the Dutch rat race, they quit their job to travel the world. Once they arrive in the Dominican Republic, they instantly fall in love and feel right at home. According to Estée’s mother – who is quite spiritual – they are not Dutch, but “natives of the world”.

The couple purchased a property in kitesurf walhalla Cabarete for 124,000 euros. The building was previously an addicts reception center and looks quite dilapidated, but the couple see potential in it. They want to make it a meeting place for travelers. Everything must be repaired and is sorely needed, because in five months the guest rooms, yoga room and bar should be ready for use.

The couple blindly trust the Dominican contractor that this will work. Until it turns out that the amount of 50 thousand euros allocated for the renewal will be very small. The costs are gradually increasing and the deadline is approaching and due to all the stress, Estée is being “banned”. “I really feel a blockage in my solar plexus here,” she shares her feelings for. “I’m focusing on him again now, I’m taking my own intrinsic strength repeatedly Back By communicating how I feel, and being open. Because if you do, you’ll get it back.”

But setbacks are still to come: The day before the grand opening, the beds haven’t yet been delivered, the generator has yet to be connected, and tropical rain threatens to spoil the party. Nor did they spend 50,000 euros, but 120,000 euros on the house (including furnishings).

However, Este and Taif have no regrets. ‘Question’ What would you have done differently then? “We receive regularly. Our answer remains the same: absolutely nothing. Without all these experiences, we wouldn’t be where we are today. We are very happy and proud of where we are now,” they say in an update on the program’s website.

I’m leaving It can be seen every Saturday at 9:30 PM on NPO1.

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