Clive Kingsbury’s lack of interest in other jobs could jeopardize his purchase

Arizona Cardinals v Atlanta Falcons

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Some may have had a chuckle at the idea that former Cardinals coach Cliff Kingsbury Planning to live in Thailand Or anywhere on Michael Bidwill’s money, while ignoring other team job opportunities as offensive coordinator. Bidwill might laugh for a different reason.

The possession a coach gets when he gets fired without cause is usually a big continuum. Specifically, the coach can’t just sit back and collect the money he would have without trying to make some money elsewhere. There is an obligation to seek and accept alternative employment.

The final question becomes contract drafting. But other coaching contracts include statements like this: “The coach shall have an affirmative obligation to seek employment after such involuntary termination.”

So maybe Cliff should be a little more conservative when bragging about his plans. It is one thing that Bidwell has to chase Kingsbury around to make sure he fulfills his obligation to look for another job, and he does everything he can to lessen his purchase by being hired as a coach elsewhere. It’s another matter entirely if Kingsbury was flaunting the fact that he’d be paid millions from Bidwill for doing nothing.

Which it appears to be doing, judging by yesterday’s reports.

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