Climate activist sticks himself on the table in Jinek

Climate activist sticks himself on the table in Jinek

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A climate activist stuck himself on the table on the TV show jinkpresented tonight by Beau van Erven Dorens.

Climate activist Gilles de Graaf has been invited to attend jink To talk about new ways to raise awareness of climate change.

This happened during the conversation:

Climate activist sticks himself on the talk show table

The reason for the conversation was recent actions by climate activists throwing food at art in museums. This is how activists threw two weeks ago soup Opposite a Van Gogh painting at the National Gallery in London. Last weekend activists threw a German museum Mashed potato About Monet’s work. Both paintings were behind the glass.

During the conversation, De Graaf climbed onto the table and stuck himself in his hands on the talk show table. “I’m going to talk about the climate crisis and the environmental crisis,” he said. “People are dying, Bo,” he repeated several times.

After a short time, De Graaf was released from the table. It happened offscreen during a commercial that boycotted the show.

Van Erven Dorens replaced Eva Genk tonight due to her infection with Corona, it was announced tonight.

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