Chantal Janzin criticizes misunderstandings about the world of television: ‘I’m glad to have people around me’

Chantal Janzin criticizes misunderstandings about the world of television: 'I'm glad to have people around me'

According to Chantal, there is indeed a close relationship between colleagues in the world of television. Without these people around her, it would be nearly impossible for a broadcaster to do the job. “We know each other, support each other, get angry, talk about it and have fun. I have been working with many colleagues for over fifteen years. They know exactly what makes me laugh and what not to do as soon as the red light flashes on the camera” , explains the presenter.

She continues: “But especially if I feel bad, sad, or sick during the recordings, I cannot do without the pleasure of my colleagues. You spend a lot of time together, you have to trust each other and make something good out of it together. I can’t, if something particularly bad happens, with red spots on my head in a corner moan.”

According to Chantal, people have a very one-sided picture of a television career in their heads. “You may be alone in front of the cameras, and a large group of people are behind them. (…) For example, it is completely impractical for me to be a photographer and broadcaster on a large studio show and I cannot be on stage and sitting in the control room at the same time.”

The announcer is happy that despite Corona she can still see her colleagues, as this is a completely different story in other professional groups. “I am very happy because I can still see my colleagues during Corona. We are still allowed to make programs without an audience, of course, with the necessary measures.”

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Last month, Chantal plunged into a true winter wonderland for a Christmas special What a year! It’s called – Don’t expect it. What a Christmas! But that the recordings of this show took place right after the summer, it was a kind of switch for the presenter. You talk about it in the video below.

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