Paul Witteman wins the prestigious Nipkow Silver Disc for all of his work | right Now

Paul Witteman wins the prestigious Nipkow Silver Disc for all of his work |  right Now

This year, the honorary silver Nipkow disc went to Paul Witteman. The jury decided it because of his complete works, which also have a “golden advantage”. The 75-year-old program maker, journalist and presenter bid farewell to his TV show on Sunday Whitman platform

Witteman was awarded the “Normal” Silver Nipkow disc in 1998. A jury report at the time stated that “Paul Whitman would go down in television history as a program maker who made his mark on the information sector like no other in the 1990s. He was and remains an excellent presenter, But he’s also an intelligent hub, who ventures into the toughest areas with apparent ease.”

This year’s jury concluded that Whitman’s reputation remains and has so far expanded through his “accomplishment.” Whitman platform To build one of the most famous music programs of the Dutch broadcaster”. According to the jury, his works deserve permission Nipkow Honorary Silver Disc “with gold rim”.

The Silver Nipkow Disc will be awarded on June 16 during the event’s 60th anniversary. Last year the award went to Sinterklaas أخبار News from NTR. Matthijs van Nieuwkerk, Jeroen Pauw, André van Duin, Sonja Barend and VPRO summer guests Among the previous winners of the award.

This is the sound van BOOS is one of three contenders for the Silver Nipkow

This is the sound From the BNNVARA online program Angry With Tim Hofman he has a chance to win a Silver Nipkow disc this year. Also drama series AVROTROS general fortwin The documentary VPRO My father is a fortune seeker by Nadia Musaed in the race for the oldest television award in the Netherlands.

Silver Nipkow Disc is awarded for Best TV Show or Best TV Maker of the Year. The award went to the current affairs program last year news hour (NOS/NTR).

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