CBS Sees Biggest Home Price Increase Since 2000 | Money

CBS Sees Biggest Home Price Increase Since 2000 |  Money

The Census Bureau saw the level of price increase decline slightly in 2019, but has since gone up again. Statistics Netherlands uses data from the Land Registry about existing owner-occupied homes in its research. A home sale deed is often not registered with the Land Registry until a few months after the sale.

Figures published by real estate agency NVM, for example, say more about recent house price increases.

Home prices fell to their lowest levels in June 2013 and have only risen since then. The home is now almost 81% more expensive than it was in June 2013.


Because of the higher prices, far fewer homes are being sold. In September, the Land Registry recorded 17,575 deals, nearly 15% less than the previous year.

In the early months of 2021, there was still a 3% increase in transactions compared to the same period last year. This is mainly due to the reduction in the transfer tax for small home buyers from January 1, 2021. They waited en masse until January.

Flevoland fastest riser

Looking at the entire third quarter, there were 13.4% fewer transactions compared to the previous year and prices were 17.5% higher. Prices rose the fastest in Flevoland County, by about 22%. In each county, the price of a home increased by more than 15%.

Of the big four cities, only in Utrecht the price increase exceeded the national average by 18.9%. In Amsterdam houses are only 15% more expensive.

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