Chantal Janzen went through a fierce period by a stalker

Chantal Janzen went through a fierce period by a stalker

asked a 24-year-old boy, who was a huge fan of Chantal Janzen, who submitted a selfie years ago. Little did she know at the time that this “fan” would turn her life into hell a little later.

He started chasing her and followed every step she took. Logically, this had a huge impact on Chantal’s life: “You’re afraid to go outside and go to the studio. He was there too.” So she no longer dared walk home alone after the show. “This incident was really the reason I thought: No, I want to be home, with my husband, with my baby. That took a while. Now I’m behind and I don’t like to feel like that anymore,” he explains outside.

Just how dangerous this stalker was became clear a little later. The boy had stabbed a motorcyclist for stealing his scooter and driving it to Chantal’s house. The scooter owner barely escaped the attack. The boy was sentenced to seven years in prison and to TBS with compulsory treatment. In prison, he stabbed an 82-year-old man to death. Chantal was in Munich when she heard: “My phone was cut off. That’s when I heard he had killed someone.”

The presenter says that at first she underestimated the situation severely: “I didn’t realize before how dangerous the situation was. How dangerous is that man. “The blonde calls the incident ‘the other side of knowledge’. ‘This is the other side of the magic of a beautiful life.'” She continues, ‘I’m glad it doesn’t happen often.’

In the career field, the presenter works well: after presenting the song contest, the whole world knows who Chantal is and international success can begin. The first flight goes to Germany: there the announcer crawls behind the jury desk Super talent. More on that in the video below.

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